Full SRT Clearing


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A full SRT clearing is an initial therapy. We are spiritual beings that accumulate experiences and knowledge from this and other lives. These energies can be transferred to this life and dimension and create blocks in ways we don’t fully understand. A Full SRT Clearing clears our energetic field and allows us to start our new life free of old programming and blocks to positive expression.  Thus new, positive and supportive ideas and beliefs can be established and help us self-heal. All clearings help us at the level we allow them meaning to the level we want to see and change our truth. 

The clearing focus on:

Clearing all of our minds and bodies since it clears the Akashic Records which are registered in our DNA as subconscious programming.

Why do we always start with a full SRT clearing?

Because it’s the most effective way to make a new start. One might think that clearing one negative program after the other will improve our life significantly. But man’s soul is an abyss. It’s far more efficient and cost-effective to start by clearing the thousands of unwanted programs and blocks that affect us directly. Then, we can come back and refine our consciousness on specific issues that we all have. Therefore, by removing the clutter, we can then focus on a single negative program, which can be extremely beneficial.

After completing your initial «Full SRT Clearing» you can work on other issues. Any subsequent sessions after that are considered partial or specific clearings. 

Please visit our page «Available Sessions» for a complete list of the sessions we offer. To book a session please go to the «Book a Session» page and follow the VISUAL INSTRUCTIONS.


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