Clearing the Departed


This clearing is ideal for people who have crossed to the other side and is always an act of love. We always ask their “High Self” for permission to clear.


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Many times, when people die under extreme conditions in which they experienced shocking events, injury or high threats, their souls might fail to reach the light and remain earthbound and roaming. Such souls metaphysically are called discarnates. Confused and shocked, they wander in utter exhaustion unable to adjust to their new situation. In order to make sense of their «new status» they hang around familiar places and people or near environments they are energetically aligned. 

Trying to solve their «problem», they manipulate and interfere with the energetic fields of the people and places they attach. These places could be the battlefield, hospital or other location where they died or have similar energy with them. Or they could attach to family members or other loved ones because they feel responsible for the pain they have caused. Or they are simply worried and think they can help them deal with this pain. 

Sometimes they haunt people with whom they had serious real or perceived differences since they still carry strong negative feelings about them. They might want to take revenge or correct a bad situation. They will act according to what perceived or actual damages or conflicts that took place at any given time or dimension that they remain still stuck. This will create a seriously negative energetic field, that heavy feeling in the air we hate, that always is an interference for the living.

The souls of military personnel who were killed in action and those who die suddenly and under great stress are very prone to this condition. A GrecoDow® clearing will enable these souls to understand their situation and to help them go to their right and proper place. Therefore, the «Clearing the Departed» session is always an act of love and a blessing. It allows these souls to cross over to the other side properly and find their way to the light and reach the much-needed peace and tranquility they deserve! It also allows for the living to find peace and closure, knowing they have done all they could for those they care about.

There are many books and films about discarnates. To fully understand what an earthbound discarnate feels and how it behaves please watch the following films which I consider excellent representations on the matter. Each one offers a different perspective, so watching all three is actually much better:

  • «Sixth Sense» (1999) – Bruce Willis & Haley Joel Osment, Toni Collette
  • «Siesta» (1987) – Ellen Barkin & Gabriel Byrne, Isabella Rosselini, Jodie Foster, Julian Sands
  • «The others» (2001) – Nicole Kidman & Christopher Eccleston, Fionnula Flanagan


This clearing is ideal for people who have crossed to the other side and is always an act of love. We always ask their “High Self” for permission to clear.

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