Initial Healing


*The indicated session costs are based on an estimated average time we think it might take to complete a session. The actual cost varies according to the time you need and the extent of your questions.

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This session is recommended after your «Initial Discovery». It’s where we start clearing the discordant energies caused by negative programming or interferences from this and past lives. We will use a pendulum to connect to your own «High Self Committee» and access your «Akashic Records», your subconscious programming that is recorded in your DNA and rules 95% of your life. 

By clearing the unwanted psychic clutter you’ve programmed and accumulated over your many lives, we allow your true essence to become free and flourish. Consider it as a full renovation of the old house we’ve inherited and we call soul.

This is a stand-alone session but you may combine it with your «Initial Discovery» session if you haven’t done it already. The combination of  «Initial Discovery» and  «Initial Healing» is called «Initial Clearing».


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