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This is actually a very comprehensive and detailed report in many pages, of all that blocks and interferes with the energetic fields of our land and property whether we own it or not. It includes cars and other forms of transportation, furniture & antiques, jewelry & souvenirs, books & documents, shoes & clothing and everything else that we have in and around our living environment. The report includes all information regarding the geopathic stress and interferences from electromagnetic and other fields that might be unknown to us and are above or below ground. 

Negative energies from this and past lives, from us and all others, that have some connection to the land or property we live in and its belongings, can interfere and haunt it. That means energies from all owners, all tenants, all visitors and all those that might have thought negatively of us and our belongings, in any time frame and dimension. All these conflicting energies can accumulate, gain strength by their union and manifest as negative energy (that heavy feeling we hate) which can lead to physical symptoms or eventually illness or worse…. makes you wonder how we ever manage this energetic soup!

Υour «Land & Property» session will include a graph and a detailed 4–5-page report with references to all energetic blocks and interferences regarding the property, structure and other surrounding objects, which have been cleared and healed. It will include references to:

  • Geopathic and other earth or other grid interferences
  • Subterranean issues and toxic streams
  • Negative Energies from all owners/tenants etc.
  • Negative programs and blocks to positive expression
  • Interferences from within and around the land & property
  • Discarnate or other entity interferences & their influence
  • Energetic attacks, manipulation or other conscious control efforts
  • Accumulated negative energies from this and past lives 
  • Energies from traumatic or discordant events 
  • Disputes and Criminal or Illegal actions 
  • Negative symptoms to health & well being 
  • Corrective procedures and ways to keep the space energetically clear


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