99% of people have no idea what’s at stake

The eternal battle between good and evilBelow is a transcribed 5-minute YouTube video of Bernhard Guenther from the blog «Piercing the Veil Of Reality». I have long wished to write about current events and the eternal fight between good and evil in reference to current affairs and spirituality. However, upon hearing this video, I feel it says it all so eloquently that there’s no need to say no more. Enjoy

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99% of people have no idea what’s at stake

Some hope for technology as the saving grace as they sell their soul to the lure of transhumanism technocratic «eternal» life.

Some still believe you can vote yourself out of this as if any politician on any side will «save the day», caught up in the dead-end loop of Left vs. Right, never realizing that by identifying with one side, they automatically create and fuel the opposing side, as both sides polarize more and become more extreme.

So, the shadow dance continues via the process of projective identification[1].

Others completely reject government and advocate for anarchism and voluntaryism.

Some wait for Jesus to return, wanting to be raptured and saved by the Lord.

Others wait for the Galactic Federation of Light and their «space brothers» to help humanity «ascend into 5D» and «defeat the cabal».

The savior program is deeply ingrained on a political, religious, and New Age level. A powerful disempowering matrix[2] program that has controlled humanity for thousands of years.

The dooms-dayers already get into physical prepper mode, fearful of a cyber-attack, the grid shutting down, nuclear war, economic meltdown, or any other apocalyptic «Mad Max[3]» scenarios fueled by fear-based survival instinct, stocking up on food, guns, and precious metals.

Some lost, confused, and traumatized beings stuck in black pill[4] territory have bought into the idea that Earth is a prison planet they wish never to return to.

But none of that will change anything, let alone «save» you or humanity. At best, it may prolong the inevitable for a bit.

There is no technological, political, ideological, philosophical, or religious solution (as in any of the dogmatic religions). Nor is the «solution» to retreat into nostalgic traditionalism or reject all technology and live in the woods again.

It’s not conservatism, liberalism, capitalism, communism, anarchism, or any other -ism that will «save humanity», nor will Bitcoin «fix it all», although enjoy the Bull Run.

I’m all for abundance and prosperity to cut through the matrix poverty program. But even all the riches in the world won’t be able to save you. Even the elites in their bunkers are not saved from what the Divine determines.

It is not about escaping the world, nor is there «salvation in the afterlife».

We are at the abyss, and as the Hopi[5] said, there is a way up or down. Either we become a new humanity, which entails a transformation and shift of consciousness, or we will disintegrate.

It happened before, and we all carry that Atlantean karma in our cells. We now have the opportunity to make the right choice.

This new consciousness is about spiritualizing humanity, life, and the world.

This shift doesn’t happen by itself or through outward means or reforms.

Not all of humanity will be able to do it at once, hence the «splitting», as I have talked about before.

Nor can anyone do it for you. It’s up to each one of us to find the truth of our being – the kingdom within – and live and act from that state of being and consciousness as a conscious transducer of Divine Will.

That is the essence and aim of the Great Work via inner psycho-spiritual work to come in alignment.

So, it’s time to stop complaining or blaming others. It’s also time to get out of inertia and mindless consumption and stop putting your head into the sand, trying to ignore what is at stake, but seize this opportunity to become who you are meant to be, for you chose to be here.

By «you», I don’t mean the ego personality you identify with (which may not like any of it and revolt against it externally) but your true Self – your soul being – chose to be here without hesitation to participate in this adventure of consciousness during this Time of Transition.

It’s not an overnight process, and even this lifetime may not be enough for it, but begin or continue we must now.

It is soul embodiment or bust.


Bernhard Guenther

In the words of Nolini Kanta Gupta and mirrored in many other esoteric teachings hinting at this day and age:

«Mankind has to enter and is entering into new conditions of life; it has to adopt a new mode of living, and for that a new mode of consciousness is imperative and imminent.

At this critical turn of human history where we stand today, man has to choose his destiny. Either he becomes a new man with a new consciousness or he goes down into inconscience and is no more man».


Xenia Ioannidis, Real Change Academy, Master Teacher

[1] Projective Identification: The terms “projection” or “projective identification” are terms of the Gestalt psychotherapeutic method and refer to the defense mechanism of the ego which has a denial towards some unwanted elements of itself (anger, sadness, reluctance, prejudice) and which unconsciously projects them the data to another person/persons. In short, they blame others for what they feel.

[2] Matrix: This word became famous from the film trilogy that first appeared in the late 1990s. In Latin Matrix means female, as well as fruit, and is derived from Materia which means matter and that from Mater (mother). Literally means network, matrix, grid, matrix. From the concepts of network and mesh, we are led to the image of the spider’s web, perfectly constructed to ensnare its victims.

[3] Mad Max: An apocalyptic story that takes place in the most remote parts of our planet, in an intensely desolate landscape where humanity has been destroyed and almost everyone is mad and fighting. In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, a woman named Imperator Furiosa (Furious Commander) played by Charlize Theron rebels against a tyrannical ruler in search of her homeland with the help of a group of prisoners, a psychotic lover and a drifter named Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy).

[4] Black Pill adherents believe that appearance is genetically determined and that women choose sexual partners based solely on physical characteristics, so it is predetermined whether a person will be half-sexed or not.

[5] Hopi Indians: The Hopi Tribe of Arizona is a sovereign nation within the United States and has government-to-government relations with the United States federal government.d States federal government.