Other Activities

Monthly Newsletters

Electronic newsletters are issued regularly in both Greek and English. The newsletters contain articles and news about the GrecoDow® method as well as opportunities to get to know our online store and have access to our various gifts when they become available. The newsletters are available to all of our supporters for free.

Subscriptions to our monthly newsletter are made directly on our website by filling in the Newsletter box, located on the right side of each page on our website, right below the seminar picture.

Free Presentations of the GrecoDow® Method

  • To see what the knowledge and use of a pendulum can offer you, simply subscribe to our newsletter. You will be informed of oun next presentation, where we will provide you with information about the many uses and benefits pendulum users have and why it’s worth learning and practicing.
  • You will see the scope of the GrecoDow® seminars as well as the training levels.
  • You may «buy» this free seminar from the Eshop and we will inform you about the next one when it is scheduled.
  • You can also refer to our «Seminars» page and see when the next one is scheduled in your language.

Regular Healer Meetings

Xenia Ioannidou, Founder & Master Coach of the GrecoDow® method, schedules regular meetings online for her students. Continuous education and ongoing practice of the GrecoDow® method helps them hone their skills about the practical side of the method. Real examples from actual sessions and training on how to become a professional dowser/healer are presented. For our monthly meetings in your language please refer to our seminar program and register for the next seminar. These meetings are available ONLY online for the time being and ONLY for GrecoDow® students.

Xenia Ioannidou
Teacher & Consultant of Alternative Therapies
Founder of GrecoDow® Educational Systems