Physical Body Healing

Spiritual Restucturing

Our physical healing session is based on the following modalities:

People express their negative inner landscape in many ways, often manifesting it in the form of illness or physical discomfort. After years of experience in working with a multitude of issues, it became apparent to GrecoDow® founder and master teacher Xenia Ioannidouthat more than one approach was essential. 

How our «Physical Healing» session evolved

Originally, Xenia studied SpR (Spiritual Restructuring) by Robert Detzler. This method is used to work with all body systems to adjust, heal and bring balance to the vibrations of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects. SpR focuses on body alignment & muscle treatment, spiritual healing of organs and glands and balancing and spiritually unifying the brain’s hemispheres.

However, different people prefer and are more aligned to certain therapies, more than others. For residual or chronic issues, bioresonance is an excellent alternative healing method. Since it changes a person’s vibrational or organ levels in a specific and definite way, it can be used daily by adults and children in an easy and simple way.

Others prefer vitamins, minerals and supplements to enhance and/or heal their physical bodies. In other instances, acupuncture and working on the meridians, is a very effective way in resolving and healing physical symptoms that are caused by psychosomatic reasons or reactions.

Also, an understanding and regulation of the body’s homotoxicology (humoral phases of Unani Medicine) as dictated by  father of medicine Hippocrates, can be the solution to most illnesses and/or physical discomforts. 

The GrecoDow® method unites all these methods into the «Physical Healing» session, in order to accommodate the body’s many negative expressions. Always with the guidance of High Self, the session will be specific to what you truly need at the time, every time, in order to reach full health, to the level you want to see and change your truth and condition.

Please Note: 

The GrecoDow® method is meant to assist your healing journey in a loving and supporting way. It is never intended to replace the advice and guidance of your doctor or other medical expert or interfere with your prescriptions/dosages in any way. For serious medical illnesses, treatments and procedures, you must consult with a responsible medical doctor or other relevant expert.

Xenia Ioannidou
Teacher & Consultant of Alternative Therapies
Founder of GrecoDow® Educational Systems