Vision & Mission


Our vision is to:

Create a community of empowered and highly effective individuals and citizens of the world who work to promote wellness for all and a kinder and more compassionate world. While positive changes take place within each and every one of us and help us grow, this new level of growth can be felt on a universal level. And though we are but a drop in the ocean, in unity, we can manifest great changes.

Our mission is to:

  1. Increase self-awareness, self-sufficiency and empowerment through responsible action with the support and guidance of High Self and SPIRIT.
  2. Tap into the information stored in the Akashic Records to access the entire «Book of Life» for a precise and relevant view of who you are.
  3. Assist you by clearing all that is not beneficial or aligned with your true essence so you may shine.
  4. Support your self-actualization journey with love and care and help you manifest your greatest potential and fulfill your life’s purpose.
  5. Promote a higher consciousness for our planet based on self-awareness and knowledge, truth and self-empowerment through healing and positive change of each person.

Xenia Ioannidou, Founder & Master Teacher
GrecoDow® & GrecoMastery® Educational Systems