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«Dowsing: The basis of all seminars»

Dowsing Seminars

GrecoDow® Founder & Master Teacher Xenia Ioannidou during a seminar

Years ago when I was looking for a way to solve my problems, a friend of mine talked to me about a seminar that was «very helpful to people.» Since I had so many problems, she suggested that I should attend the seminar myself, rather than have just sessions. Now I consider this to be funny, but you can appreciate where I was, if that’s how my friends saw me at the time.

And that’s how I found myself attending the SRT seminars. I didn’t ask what type of seminar it was, I just enrolled. In fact, I did not have the money for the Advanced seminar and attended just the Basic. However, as your path is revealed and accommodated, a friend gave me the money for that seminar, as a birthday gift. And what a gift!!! And that’s how my worldview changed.

In my life, I have attended countless seminars of all types. I was going from seminar to seminar, sometimes traveling for hours looking for a «good seminar». I’m not complaining, it was all well spent and I learned many great things, from many great people. But if you ask me to evaluate these seminars, according to what I gave and what I received, I would say without a second thought, that the dowsing seminars were the best investment I’ve ever made and for many reasons. Of course, the clearing of any negative energy is the main and most beneficial aspect of the therapy and something I highly recommend for everyone. But the negative energy clearing is not the only advantage or value.

«Other uses of dowsing»

My intuitive painting «Ascension»

To the left, you can see an intuitive painting of mine. After I painted it, I asked «High Self» for the most appropriate name. The answer was «Ascension». Don’t you think it’s appropriate? As I was painting, I was rather intrigued by the fact that I seemed to paint from an inner guidance and force which «directed me like a river». When I asked my teacher Robert Detzler about it, he asked my High Self and discovered, that in my art, I expressed the essence of over 367 painters. High Self indicates that this number has now increased to 396.

Our connection to «High Self» through the use of a pendulum, allows us to have access to information, knowledge and other aspects of our experiences. For instance, we can learn the essence of how many painters are hidden within us or ask for guidance from an individual or a group of artists or experts.

Connect to your High Self and ask about:

First I was given the opportunity to connect with my «High Self», so that I may ask for guidance on all matters that concern me, from the simplest to the most complex. For instance:

  • What title to give to my new painting
  • What color I should paint my walls
  • What foods to eat or avoid
  • How positive or negative is to stay in my current career
  • Whether or not to involve myself in any or what activity
  • How much of my time and money I should invest in any endeavor
  • What friendships are worthwhile or not
  • What area of town should I move in
  • Where to go on vacation
  • What seminar or book should I study next
  • What color I should paint my hair
  • What car is better suited for me
  • What rug I should purchase
  • What printer is better for my business
  • And many more subjects…

On this website, you will find energetic soaps, intuitive paintings and other items. These are all done with the guidance of my «High Self». It really does not matter what the endeavor is, «High Self» can assist you in all of them.

Therefore, my relationships and my activities never again need to be about overcoming the «fear of the unknown», like it used to be. Since then, I never strive to find out what’s the most appropriate course of action is, at any time. I have long given up the blind fumbling and the endless back-and-forth anxiety, regarding my decisions. I don’t worry anymore whether or not I have made the proper choices. This very thing allowed me to experience life without fear and live calmly and confidently.

What happens when you choose not to follow your guidance?

I can’t say that I’ve always followed High Self’s guidance to the letter. Many times I made decisions to the contrary. However, I found myself again and again in situations in which High Self’s direction about a path was considered «negative», and in the future, I got to see exactly why this was so. Knowledge is power, but trust in the information given is even greater. It is a road that we must all walk for ourselves until we learn. Faith and experience are the way to get there. 

In my healing practice, I was able to witness many people untangle and heal their lives in ways that seemed spectacular. For this reason, many of my clients want to learn how to dowse so they can help themselves and their family and friends.

Being able to proceed in life with the guidance of our «High Self» Committee and with the knowledge and wisdom this implies, is a priceless gift in life. All these seminars that I’ve attended since adolescence became of real value to me, after my dowsing seminars and the extensive forgiveness healing that I did for several years. Having solved my own story made the necessary and substantial difference for me to thrive. It’s easy to apply the knowledge if you don’t have to concern yourself with the accumulated negative energy. And that was the missing link in my healing journey.

The truth is that you can either live your life striving for a better tomorrow with great effort or move in the same direction with courage and calmness. The decision is whether to choose effort and pain or effortless ease, changing all that needs to change to accommodate this. Sometimes a seminar might be the foundation for all others and GrecoDow® can just be that very basis.

Please Note:

For information regarding each seminar such as duration, times and other details, please refer to each seminar in our E-shop. For the levels of training and their titles please refer to our «Training Levels».

Xenia Ioannidou
Teacher & Consultant of Alternative Therapies
Founder of GrecoDow® Educational Systems