Seminar Schedule

All our seminars are currently taught ONLY online. IN-PERSON seminars will be announced IN TIME.


  1. GD100: Dowsing Introduction: Friday-Sunday, May 24-26, 2024

To register for an ONLINE seminar, please click HERE:


  1. The asterisk * indicates that the student must have attended the entire seminar «GD101: Therapeutic Foundations» before enrolling in the seminar.
  2. The asterisk ** means that the ORGANIZER for seminars in English with Chinese translation is Stella Chang
  3. The duration and hours of the seminars are listed in each seminar as well as on the list above. 3-day seminars are usually taught on Friday-Saturday-Sunday, from 10am-6pm, Athens time unless otherwise stated.
  4. For all other seminars, times and hours will be announced.
  5. The seminar «GD:105 Physical Body Healing» is a 6-day seminar and is taught only IN-PERSON
  6. Before enrolling in the seminar, it is advisable to have done an «Initial Clearing» AT LEAST a few months before.
  7. For personal and private seminars based on a more flexible program for you which you have PRE-Agreed with the teacher, there is an additional cost.


  1. DOWN PAYMENTS (where applicable) are NOT refunded if you cancel your seminar attendance after the attendance deadline.
  2. There are NO REFUNDS if you cancel your seminar attendance and we’ve SEND TO YOU the seminar material.
  3. If for some reason you cannot attend the seminar that you’ve registered for OR we Re-Schedule the seminar dates and you cannot attend AND we have sent you the seminar material, any amounts paid are NOT refunded, BUT are reserved for you, for a future seminar, within the next 12 months (we always schedule a few each year).
  4. If the seminar is CANCELED by US and you have NOT received the seminar material, then you get a FULL REFUND unless you choose to re-schedule for a future date.