Healing Benefits

Healing benefits

What kind of healing benefits can you expect from a GrecoDow® Session?

Since each person has their own personal soul package and personality. Because of this, their emotional overload varies which in turn results in different healing times and results. So do their reactions & healing rhythm. Despite what a person feels, however, the healing benefits of the GrecoDow® therapy, start the moment the session begins and sometimes even when the appointment is booked.

Many times, despite the fact that the negative energy is cleared immediately, our perception of what has changed can be discovered after a few months, even six or more. Such is the power of healing.

During my long years of dowsing and the GrecoDow® method, I have seen many healings manifesting, instantaneously even. There have been persons who chose life and let go of suicide thoughts, heal depressions, overcome codependencies and reunite with family members they hadn’t spoken to for a long time. And these are just a small example of what this therapy can manifest.

The usual scenario, however, is a steady and gentle healing process, which allows each person to feel, contemplate, accept and enjoy the changes a GrecoDow® Healing Session brings to them on a personal and interpersonal level. By experiencing these changes, we allow our soul to make the necessary changes and start a spiral of self-improvement that can be everlasting. The greatest component of the therapy is thus, YOU.

It’s important to note that the GrecoDow® Healing Sessions cannot guarantee results, healing times, directions of the healing process or replace your healthcare professional.

Below is a list of some of the «benefits» seen by others in their GrecoDow® Healing Sessions. Maybe they can also help you to:

  • Heal traumas & their influence on your life
  • Treat childhood fears & phobias
  • Live your life more freely & less burdened
  • Reach new growth through new initiatives
  • Live a life of joy & clarity
  • Reconnect with disconnected parts of your soul
  • Regain your strength
  • Realize your maximum potential
  • Remove negative influences
  • Eliminate self-punishing programs
  • Eliminate subconscious blocks & interferences
  • Harmonize your relationships
  • Bring spiritual healing to organs & glands*
  • Heal your muscle system*
  • Align and balance your body systems*
  • Balance the brain/mind meld for better cognitive function
  • Enhance your intuition channels*
  • And much, much more…

* Through the Physical Body Therapy Session

How quickly can you see results?

It all depends on your temperament and your willingness to make changes. Don’t forget this therapy is self-healing and it’s thus a self-directed process. If you are a person who likes a fast pace and tackles challenges head-on, you might see some fast upheavals and upturns which have quick returns, however. If you are more gentle and steady pace, then the therapy might express itself in that manner.

The truth is we don’t know and we cannot predict how the therapy will affect people.

The healing pace follows your inner rhythm and your willingness to see your truth about what needs to change and take the necessary actions to make that shift. And while everyone wants things to change now, no one appreciates the healing crises that come with aggressive healing methods. Thankfully, High Self with Spirit’s guidance allows for the proper pace and order of things in order to shift and facilitate the healing process.

For more information regarding the therapy, don’t forget to check out our section on the «Frequent Questions» or anything under the title «The method».

Xenia Ioannidou
Teacher & Consultant of Alternative Therapies
Founder of GrecoDow® Educational Systems