Akashic Records


The Akashic Records or the «Book of Life» is like a universal computer or «energetic pot» that stores all information regarding all persons, from all times. These records which resemble an «energetic soup» contain every deed, spoken word, emotion, thought and intention that has ever existed from any given moment of our lives, in any given time in the history of the world and of course in all dimensions that we create simultaneously. Therefore, not only do we all of us have access to our Akashic Records but also to the universal ones which become the connecting link between us.

They also contain information regarding our archetypes and deeply touch every human behavior and experience. More information about archetypes can be found here: Archetype Wheel.  It is the inspiration of visions and inventions. They attract or repel us to others. They shape all human consciousness at all levels and are part of our Divine essence. They act as an impartial judge that tries to guide, teach and shape each person in becoming the best they can be. They include possible future scenarios that we can choose from or reject, while we’re taught by the information they contain.

Many references of Akashic Records can be found in the Old and New Testaments as well as folklore, myths and traditions of many advanced ancient cultures and civilizations such as the Semites, Arabs, Assyrians, Phoenicians, Babylonians and much later the Jews. Often repeated in their documents is the existence of Holy Scriptures that contain the history of mankind, like a complete form of Divine Knowledge.

Something more than just a compilation of memories, however, the Akashic Records have an interactive participation in our lives, which means they exchange information with us at any given moment, thus exercising an enormous influence upon our lives, relationships, emotions, beliefs, convictions and the possible realities we attract. The weight of these records often can and does manifest as negative blocks and interferences in our lives.

Xenia Ioannidou
Teacher & Consultant of Alternative Therapies
Founder of GrecoDow® Educational Systems