Benefits of dowsing

Benefits of DowsingWhat are the benefits of dowsing?

There are many benefits to dowsing for anyone who wants to be trained and apply that training. But as in all sciences, that takes time, clear focus, spiritual dedication, attention to detail and procedures, a desire to overcome fears and of course, much practice and further training. 

A young child can be trained on how to use a pendulum, though we wouldn’t trust one with our most complex problems.

Dowsing requires the following:

  • Getting and maintaining a clear connection
  • Staying out of ego so the information is clear
  • Asking the right questions 
  • Interpreting the indicators properly

These are common challenges that all properly trained dowsers face. Any of these can interfere with a dowser’s ability to connect or work with a pendulum or other dowsing tool in a consistent and successful manner. Untrained dowsers or weekend dabblers simply get themselves in trouble spiritually and energetically. 

For those who want to learn and take the time to practice, however, the benefits of dowsing for themselves, their family and even for the public, are immense. They can become professional healers. If self-improvement interests you but you don’t know if becoming a healer is for you, please refer to our article «On Becoming a Healer».

Some of the dowsing benefits are:

  • The connection with our «High Self» allows us to ask guidance on all life matters, from small and simple to large and complex:
  • How positive or negative is it to start something new or stay or release something old (job or other activity).
  • Which foods should I eat or avoid? (On matters of diet/nutrition and weight loss, especially when clinical issues are involved, please use common sense and ask for expert help. For medical issues, we always recommend the advice of a doctor or other qualified specialist.)
  • What should I name the painting I just drew or the book/article that I wrote?
  • What should be the focus of my next article, book, or lecture?
  • What are the benefits of a relationship or activity?
  • What color should I paint my walls 
  • Which logo is best suited for my business?
  • Which career, washing machine, piece of furniture, etc. is best suited for me?
  • How often should I do something?
  • What is the best time for me to exercise?
  • And many more questions that arise out of everyday life

However, the clearing of negative energy is by far the best benefit. Any negative energy I hold over people and circumstances can be cleared, so I can proceed with a new attitude and change my life and my relationships. Also, it can pinpoint which beliefs or choices I might need to change, in order to have a more harmonious life in the future. Is there anything better than this? I think not.

Please note:

For more information about dowsing please refer to our articles «Learn How to Dowse»,  «What is Dowsing?» and «What is not dowsing».