Frequent Questions

Dowsing Session

GrecoDow® Founder & Master Teacher Xenia Ioannidou, during a typical dowsing session

1. What is the GrecoDow® clearing focused on?

Everyone builds up and carries over from this and past lives many negative and discordant energies, subconscious programming, blocks, and interferences.

Thus, this adverse emotional package not only influences a person on a mental, emotional and physical level but it can also interfere with their everyday daily functions, preventing them from living a life of joy, health, and prosperity.

Clearing such interferences allows for new, positive, supportive ideas and beliefs to establish themselves and to bring about self-healing to the level a person allows it and always in accordance with their rhythm and temperament.

2. Is it a past-life regression?

No, GrecoDow® is not a past life regression nor does it use hypnosis. The clearing is done on a conscious level in front of the client or from a distance with equally successful results.

3. How does it work?

A «Pendulum» is used, an instrument of many ancient cultures, as an indicator of simple answers like «yes» or «no» and many others, on a series of special charts.

4. How do you approach a clearing?

In general, we approach the clearings in a holistic manner. Far too often, negative programs such as low self-esteem, worthlessness, and self-limitation can result in low-income jobs and lost business opportunities or jobs that are below a person’s capabilities, or involvement in undeserving relationships.

By clearing the negative energies and interferences, the overall situation in a person’s life can change. These changes can manifest for you as:

  • You may begin to pursue higher goals
  • Put boundaries on people who drain your energy
  • Dare to take on new challenges you’d never think of before
  • Clarify and relieve your mind from negative beliefs and thought patterns
  • Get out of disadvantaged positions or relationships
  • Glow with a more positive type of energy
  • Create changes on all levels
  • And as you see these changes in you, you’ll see them in others.
  • As others see you change, they change towards you and so on.

This process can continue to improve situations indefinitely and will benefit a person to the extent they allow the therapy to change their life. For these reasons, the GrecoDow® «Initial Discovery» & «Initial Healing», which combines becomes the «Initial Clearing» session, focuses on the overall picture of one’s life, because we want to see you be free of these negative energies, in all areas of your life.

5. Can we ask to clear specific areas in our life?

After this initial discovery and clearing take place and as «High Self» Directs, we may come back to work on a deeper level on other matters that arise or we need further understanding and improvement on. These clearings are always done with a common-sense approach and within healthy boundaries.

6. How quickly can I see results?

The negative energy gets cleared the moment the session begins. While the negative energy gets cleared immediately and as the clearing takes place, your own free will and willingness to see and change your behavioral patterns will determine the pace and quality of your healing process. Remember this is self-healing.

Many times, our awareness about what has changed can take time. Some people know right away when things change, others need to have someone point them out to them, or both. Sometimes 6 months down the road you’d might be still seeing differences. Isn’t great?

7. How often can you have GrecoDow® sessions?

After your «Initial Clearing», the healer may encourage and guide you to seek changes in the way you think and act. Books, meditations or other choices may be suggested, to help you shift your mindset to create a more harmonious lifestyle.

We encourage you to allow this clearing to work with all your systems and create the positive changes that you so desire in your life. GrecoDow® can work for you at the pace you feel comfortable.

8. How often do you have to schedule sessions?

Some people prefer weekly meetings, others prefer periodical meetings that last longer and can be scheduled as needed. Each person is different and we allow for that difference to be expressed.

Or they may wish to book a small, «By the Minute Session» consultation for everyday items. There’s a 20 minute minimum to book, but what you don’t use remains as credit in your account which you can use a later day.

The client may wish to further work on other issues they desire, as that becomes necessary or it’s suggested by «High Self». Major changes and traumatic experiences may be looked upon for further understanding and perhaps some programs or relationships may require past-life research. «High Self» directs us, but you have the choice to address your issues as well.

9. How many past life researches should I do?

We have found that excessive focus on the past is not helpful and it may even become destructive. What we mean by that is that an obsessive focus on past lives might actually bring you back rather than forward. What is more relevant, is to focus on what you have to do and change in the here and now. This way we can have many positive results that we can build on.

If you look into our «Available Sessions» page you will see the list of available sessions. «High Self» will direct you on which of those choices are the best for and in what order. However, some of these may appeal to you. Use your judgment to discern which one applies to your needs and wants. Not every session is relevant to your needs, but the ones that are should be given time and space to be absorbed and assimilated into your life.

10. What if it’s suggested that I do many or weekly or other high-frequency sessions?

You are in charge of your healing path. GrecoDow® is done on an as-needed basis, much like going to a doctor when you are sick. Sometimes you’ll follow the direction of «High Self» and pick specific things to work on and other times you might need a quick «pick-me-up». Schedule what you need.

If you feel there is something in your life that needs addressing, by all means, schedule a session. But don’t schedule weekly or other high-frequency sessions simply because someone suggests it. Use your common sense and judgment. If something doesn’t feel right, it quite possibly isn’t. Our website has a scheduler and it’s easy to use. Take advantage of website and own your path.

11. Will I feel peculiar as these changes happen?

Maybe yes, maybe a little or even nothing. It depends on you, the place you are now and what the healing pace you can cope with in the moment. While everyone wants instant change, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have smooth sailing. It’s like a ride on a river. Fast gets you lots of movement and it can be unsettling to deal with lots of intensity. Slow and steady can make you think that nothing is happening but it might just get you there with style.

Also, by experiencing these changes as they happen, we allow our every soul to make any necessary changes and start a spiral of self-improvement. The last component of the therapy is you. If you are a person who likes a fast pace, then the therapy will have that pace, if you are the opposite, then the therapy will be expressed in that manner.

12. Can you give us some examples of results?

During my long years with GrecoDow®, many results have occurred in some cases almost instantaneously preventing people from suicide, healing their depressions, dependencies and reuniting them with family members they didn’t speak to for a long time and many other examples.

The usual scenario, however, is a steady healing process, which allows each person to feel, contemplate, accept and enjoy the changes and obligations on a personal and interpersonal level.

13. Can we clear a person without their knowledge?

We can clear anyone provided we get permission from their «High Self». It should be noted however that research of things cleared can only be allowed for persons who have given their explicit consent. More information about this can be found on our page «What is dowsing?».

14. Can body programs be cleared?

Yes, they can. Our «Physical Body Healing» is the part of the GrecoDow® therapy that focuses on clearing negative programs and traumas that have manifested in the body and appear as diseases, allergies, aches, pains, etc. It works with all the body systems to correct, heal and balance its vibrations on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. For more information read our relevant page «Physical Body Healing». To book this session please press «HERE».

15. Do I need to believe in past lives to get a clearing?

Absolutely not. Each person is different and we work with your issues and beliefs. Healing work is love and as such it has no boundaries.

Xenia Ioannidou
Teacher & Consultant of Alternative Therapies
Founder of GrecoDow® Educational Systems