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Recently there has been an enormous amount of information regarding the body’s own ability for self-healing. The GrecoDow® method (Greek Dowsing Educational Systems) is a Greek psycho-spiritual dowsing method that uses a pendulum, our connection with High Self (our own spiritual committee) and special sets of diagrams which are based on quantum physics, ancient Greek philosophies and modern methods of self-improvement. This healing combination allows for a very wide and comprehensive range of healing tools and results.

Using a pendulum allows us to surpass the conscious mind and research and discover information hidden in our subconscious mind (the part that rules 95% of our life). Once these barriers, negative programs and their subsequent negative energies they created, are cleared from this and your other lives, you will have the opportunity to change your inner landscape and what you manifest in your life in unbelievable ways.

The level and type of healing you will experience will always be in direct proportion to the level you allow yourself to see, accept and change your true self. This means embracing yourself, with all its faults, as well as making the necessary changes according to High Self guidance. So, basically, your healing depends on you. We, and your «High Self», always remain gentle supporters and guides in your healing journey, always aiming for the best results.

What happens during a healing session?

In a healing session, you will be able to quickly and consciously «discover» your «Akashic Records» (your own book of life stored in your subconscious mind), find out about your soul mates (those intense «Past Life» relationships that everyone is talking about) and communicate with your «High Self» (your very own spiritual support committee responsible to help you achieve your spiritual goals) and access information that is not available to you otherwise.

A «pendulum» will be used as an amplifier and indicator of answers by your High Self, using special sets of charts. When the negative energies, subconscious barriers and programming that have accumulated over time have been discovered & identified, all subconscious discordant and limiting energies will be cleared. Then, they will be replaced with positive, supportive ideas and beliefs, allowing you to heal on all levels. To see a list of possible «Healing Benefits» please visit our subsequent page. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Well, it is!!!

How do we clear negative energy?

The slideshow below will give you a clear and visual picture of how the process works.

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How our website is organized!

The website has been designed in small organized subsections so you may find the information you need quickly:

  1. On our Available Sessions page, you will get an idea about the possible sessions that are available, for you to choose from. If they seem many and you find it hard to choose, please note that High Self always points us in the right order & direction. Using that as guidance, you’ll always choose the right session, at the right time, for you.
  2. If you are looking to see what a healing session can do for you, please press here for the Healing Benefits. There, you’ll get an idea of what this healing modality has done in general, for others.
  3. For information on the cost of the sessions please press here: «Our Rates»
  4. Anything pertaining to «dowsing» and «pendulums» you will find under the title «The Method».
  5. On our «Frequent Questions» page, you will find a list of the most common questions people have asked over the years. Reading them will allow you to get clarity, on the most pressing issues that seem to be on everyone’s mind.
  6. Each session has its very own description in our «E-shop».
  7. Lastly, we welcome all comments. For comments on our sessions or seminars please look for the «Reviews» next to the «Description» of each session or seminar.

ALWAYS start with an Initial Discovery Session!

It is essential to start with an «Initial Discovery» and «Initial Healing» session, a combination we call «Initial Clearing» the first time you choose to work with our healing method. This is by far the best, fastest, most effective and inexpensive way to direct your healing journey. In this session, we will discover which aspects of life have the most negative energy and how you organize your learning and growing methods. Having that information, we can then organize your healing journey at a pace that suits your life and budget. 

Your healing pace 

After your initial discovery session is complete, you may choose compact healing sessions that work on and complete each topic at one time, or small and selective, individual sessions. You can have as many partial sessions as you need/wish and work on subsequent special topics, at a pace that is comfortable to you. We will work with you, having High Self as Divine guidance and we thus are directed on how to proceed and complete your healing journey in the most beneficial and timely manner.

This will allow you to work on major lifelong issues but also on other things that come up, as life changes and you move on. You can look for ideas from our «Available Sessions». The results will follow the pace you have chosen. You are in charge of your healing journey. Please note that it’s highly advisable to give yourself a reasonable time between healing sessions for the energy to work through you and establish results. Once the results are evident and the energy settles, you will be ready for the next session, despite how fast you want things to happen. 

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Past life interferences

Every one of us has lived multiple lives in which we experienced difficult and traumatic experiences. These lives carry unsolved, unfinished issues and energies that are a heavy burden. Even though each life is autonomous, our soul might choose not to release these but rather «hold on» to these negative energies and programming from life to life. This results in “peculiar” situations that make no sense in your current life. Life then turns out to be confusing and haphazard. Eventually, people start to doubt their own abilities to create a happy and prosperous life.

The GrecoDow healing method can accomplish healings which can be compared to a full soul renovation. Having a clean slate to start with, you’ll see and experience great improvements and better and faster results than most other healing modalities.

In-person or remote healings?

The healing sessions can be done equally successfully in-person or remotely. Energy healings are ultimately vibrational healings and as such have no boundaries. You may also ask for healing sessions for your loved ones, persons, or animals.

Conscious «Consent to Heal»

Healings vary depending on whether or not we have «Conscious Consent» to work and heal energetically. We are almost always allowed to ask for healing by asking permission to clear from their High Self. We cannot research and heal however if there is no consent (that means we cannot ask questions regarding what has been cleared).

The reason why research is not allowed during «No Consent Sessions», is because of the impenetrable right of every soul to spiritual privacy. This doesn’t allow us access to their Akashic Records, EVER. Research is only allowed when they consciously give permission. Anything else is a violation of the divine laws of reverence and is called psychic spying. For more information on the subject, please refer to our subsection «What is not dowsing».

Xenia Ioannidou
Teacher & Consultant of Alternative Therapies
Founder of GrecoDow® Educational Systems