How beliefs are created

In previous articles, I have referred to the most common reasons «Why people don’t heal and how they can». These articles brought a series of reactions. Others were confused, others were moved, etc. What touches us is a mirror that reflects the content of our soul and in particular the beliefs that probably need to change.

I will borrow an analogy from an article by Darreck Cheng, a former SRT Teacher from Malaysia who compares man to a computer. If we suppose that a person is a computer, then his material parts, the hardware, is the physical body. The processor is the human mind/brain. The hard disk drive is the place where our memories are stored (subconscious). The computer operating system such as «Windows» are the programs we have installed for our lives (major negative and positive programs). The user represents our conscious mind.

The user writes commands for the computer daily operation, in other words, we direct our day. Many of these commands can be set to run silently and automatically in the background without our intervention. In the same way, the human subconscious mind keeps the body functioning and indicates when the body needs food, water, rest, etc.

The computer needs further specialized programs to run inside the operating system in order to perform specific functions. Depending on the preferences the user has, suites, games and financial programs, etc. can be installed, something like acquiring skills in life, such as sociability, selling, writing, etc.

Some people «download and install» pirated software and other «free» programs on the computer of their life. However, without their knowledge they can download malicious spyware, viruses, trojans, e-mails and various other small things of dubious character, ie latent beliefs, habits, etc. These, as we know, will harm the computer of our lives in the future.

Over time and without the user realizing it, all these dangerous and destructive programs will bring potential damages that can crash the computer and make it lose its ability to perform its daily functions. That is, to slow down or not be able to function as before, and thus cause chaos in our lives.

The influences we receive from our wrong beliefs and their consequences will result in wrongful or bad decisions. These beliefs and decisions will manifest as the many challenges and issues we face in our daily lives, often called life lessons which block success, abundance, clear thinking and the correct understanding and proper awareness of situations.

When things start to malfunction, the user will realize that something is wrong and start looking for help and ways to understand and fix these faults or malfunctions. The user is unlikely to know how to find these malicious programs, since most viruses are well hidden, as are our beliefs, somewhere in the system files of our subconscious.

Maybe he should send the computer to a technician (therapist), who will help him see or understand what he needs to buy and install, e.g. anti-virus software. This software will «re-run» all our programs to detect, uninstall, disable or isolate viruses. The GrecoDow® healing modality is similar to an antivirus program.

It is a tool to help us examine, locate, discover and cleanse all the harmful matter we have collected and accumulated in our subconscious mind and our memory bank from this and from other lives from the daily use of our «life computer». It will also help us reprogram new and more harmonious beliefs based on our new goals.

However, there is always the risk that there’s a lack of proper information (self-awareness) and proper use of the computer (spiritual life). This allows the user to download again other malicious viruses or programs out of habit. The problem will continue to exist because it will constantly re-establish.

If we continue to make the same mistakes due to a lack of mental clarity, self-awareness and a thorough understanding of what it means to live a spiritually responsible life, we will recreate the same unpleasant results over and over again.

So, in essence, observation, vigilance and prudence are the keys that will help us to make positive programs for ourselves and to reject or filter anything that is not in line with our greater good.

Xenia Ioannidou

Teacher & Consultant of Alternative Therapies
Founder of GrecoDow® Educational Systems