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Our archetype wheel is the collection of our own archetypes that work together to form our soul’s blueprint or architectural plan that defines our current life. More so, it hints at our overall direction and path.

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What are the archetypes?

The word archetype, «original motif from which copies are made», is derived from the Greek word ἀρχέτυπος (archétypos), meaning «first figure». It refers to the origin of any model or type. It can also refer to any collectively inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought, image, etc., that is universally present. For instance, when we say «she is a good mother» we automatically attribute to her certain characteristics: nurturing, gentle, thoughtful, supportive etc. This combination of characteristics forms the symbolism of the «good mother» archetype, which is recognized and accepted worldwide, with very minor differences. A good mother is a good mother in Africa, Asia or elsewhere.

These archetypes are not restrictive labels, but rather, patterns within us. You may say, they are the standards and ideas that represent our maximum potential. The archetypal map/wheel is different for everyone. It unveils our truth, in the simplest but most revealing way. It shows our destination and identity in each area of our life. They help us organize our destiny. They are the hidden gods and goddesses within us that yearn to be revealed and cherished.

These archetypes appear daily in myths, fairy tales, movies, books and other forms and are shaped to express the wishes of humanity, according to current standards. All our movie stars and other celebrities are famous simply because they embody the characteristics we currently cherish. That should give us food for thought…!!!

This energy is called the «collective unconsciousness», a phrase coined by psychiatrist and author Carl Jung, the man responsible for the re-introduction of the archetypes in the modern world, although the original idea was Plato’s.

What is the archetype wheel?

Our archetype wheel is the collection of our own archetypes that work together to form our soul’s blueprint or architectural plan that defines our current life. More so, it hints at our overall direction and path. So, why wouldn’t we want to know our archetypes? I see no reason at all.

In order to shape our daily lives in a constructive way, it is crucial for us to discover the answers to the following basic questions:

  • «Who am I?»
  • «What do I want?»
  • «What is the purpose of my life?»
  • «Why do I behave and react in this way?
  • «Am I doing all that I can, to fulfill my destiny?»
  • «What are the main issues and challenges that I face and why?»
  • «Have I managed to accomplish all that I should have?»
  • «I am consistent and true to myself?»
  • «If I do this or that, will I waste my time & energy?»

And that’s where the archetype wheel comes into play and gives answers to all these and more.

The uses of our archetypes

We know that these questions and answers rise and coexist within us, along with an ambitious and admirable desire to realize our maximum potential. Our completeness comes ONLY, when our search enables us to realize our greatest plan within. Once we realize this, we experience the unlimited and ultimate potential that we’re meant to «built» and realize, the very one which works altruistically for the good of all.

Most people have no idea what their archetypes are, even though others might hint to these patterns within them. However, everyone must discover their archetypes in order to fully develop in all areas of life. This is possible only with the help of our High Self and our search within our book of life, our Akashic Records in other words.

Unfortunately, our society pressures us to focus only on the basics of the ego, such as material assets, work and relationships. This diminishes our soul’s potential into a minor image of our true self and identity. With this limited perception of ourselves, we live in the suffocating atmosphere of a glass jar. This atmosphere, over time, expresses itself through our obsessions, blind spots and negative situations that limit us in ways we don’t comprehend. They are visible in all areas of our life which don’t flow, much as we try. In other words, all our dead ends.

Knowing our archetypes can be instrumental in the release of so many limiting beliefs and the beginning of great momentum towards our destiny.

Our archetypes contain information on all aspects of our lives such as: Identity, Relationships, Life’s Purpose, Occupation, Health, Inner Child, Family life and Self-Image, Spirituality, Finances, Creativity & Good Luck (our ability to bring forth all positive change).

What are the benefits of knowing our archetypes?

The knowledge of our archetype wheel, the model for our life, plays a key role in our daily existence. If our perception of this model is inadequate or defective due to conflicting elements within us, then the results will be misguided. We will be directing all our resources, knowledge, experience and efforts in the wrong directions and goals. Eventually, we will «fail» at these endeavors and this «failure» will be a great burden on our psyche. In reality, these are just paths not aligned with our true essence and should be eliminated from our lives.

Discovering our archetypes, therefore, allows us to «shine» with an inner beauty that is very attractive because we can:

  • Recognize what is the «path» for us in each aspect of our life
  • Awaken & Tune-in to our true nature
  • Know the level of our completion in each aspect
  • Ascertain whether or not we should follow the current paths we have chosen and to what extend
  • Work with the quiet yet strong force within us, knowing we are truly aligned
  • Avoid indecision & repetition of misaligned, exhaustive paths
  • Change any and every aspect of life-based on our true nature
  • Guide and redirect our thoughts & actions so we may re-align ourselves to our soul’s purpose
  • Prioritize the course of action we should take
  • Measure our progress as we see our journey realized
  • Watch our lives blossom in a very succinct way

It’s no surprise that a psychologist made the following comment after her archetype session: “It’s like I have 100 psychology sessions all in one page”. You can see this in our comment section.

Please contact us to find out your archetype wheel and to learn how you can get rid of past perceptions and overcome inner doubts and conflicts in a very easy-to-comprehend way. Also, to see why and how these affect the many aspects of your life. But more than anything else, to see what your choices are based on.

Your main challenges, issues, fears and vulnerabilities that make you negotiate and assign your power to others is something you can overcome. You will be able to see and use your intellectual talents correctly. Furthermore, the full spectrum of your soul will most likely surprise you in ways you can’t imagine. Let us help you see your true self and fulfill your maximum potential.


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7 reviews for Archetype Wheel

  1. Μαρία Ιωάννου, Κύπρος Ψυχολόγος, Ηθοποιός   

    Εκπληκτικό. Ήταν σαν να έκανα 100 συνεδρίες ψυχολογίας. Απόρησα με το βάθος των πλη-ροφοριών. Το συνιστώ ανεπιφύ-λακτα σε όσους ενδιαφέρονται για τη βελτίωση της προσωπικότητας και της ζωής τους.

    Μαρία Ιωάννου, Κύπρος
    Ψυχολόγος, Ηθοποιός   

  2. Δημήτρης Αρώνης

    Μια βασική συνεδρία ζωής για όλους όσους ψάχνουν να βρουν το σκοπό και το δρόμο τους. Με βοήθησε όχι μόνο να κατανοήσω και να τακτοποιήσω τις διαδρομές μου, αλλά και να αναγνωρίσω και να εστιαστώ μόνο πάνω σε αυτές που μου αρμόζουν.

    Δημήτρης Αρώνης, Κέρκυρα
    Master Reiki

  3. Ioannou Maria

    Wow. It was like I was did 100 sessions of psychology. I was so amazed by the depth and range of the information. It was a simple yet very clear picture. I recommended this session  very highly to anyone interested in improving their life and personality.

    Maria Ioannou, Nicosia – Cyprus
    Psychologist, Actress

  4. Aronis Dimitris

    A must session for anyone who is looking to find their purpose and way in life. It helped me not only to understand and organize my life’s choices and paths, but also to reveal, acknowledge and to focus only on those that suited me.

    Dimitris Aronis, Corfu
    Master Reiki

  5. Ελένη Π.

    Μια υπέροχη συνεδρία! Ήταν μια θαυμάσια ευκαιρία, που ήρθε σε μένα τη στιγμή που χρειαζόμουν έναν προσανατολισμό. Συνήθως νιώθεις πολλά πράγματα και έχεις σκέψεις και ιδέες, αλλά δεν είσαι σίγουρος για το ποιόν δρόμο πρέπει να ακολουθήσεις. Και εδώ είναι που παρεμβαίνει με πολύ εντυπωσιακό τρόπο η εύρεση των προσωπικών σου αρχετύπων. Για μένα ήταν παραπάνω από εντυπωσιακό, γιατί δεν γνώριζα, παρά ελάχιστα πράγματα για τα αρχέτυπα. Είναι σαν να αποκτάς μια ψυχική πυξίδα!

  6. Kathleen (verified owner)

    This is one of the most informative sessions I got regarding the strengths and improvements to make on my lifepath.
    Xenia explained in detail every archetype that influenced my personality.
    I can only recommend it!

  7. Sylvia

    Thank you so much for giving me lots of your time. I was blown away by this Archetype Map session. You gave me lots of information, I will continue to process. It’s moving lots in me. My fears that once held me back from leaving my current job seem to be gone. I know now, I am meant for more. This was conformation that I’m on the right track, guided and I’m powerful! Much Love.
    Much gratitude,

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