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The BIOMEDIS BRIS® Express Test Scanner is an intelligent resonance scanner designed to measure the body’s biological electrical parameters bearing information about the condition of all interrelated organs and systems.


The BIOMEDIS BRIS® Express Test is a rapid response test designed to measure the electrical parameters of all biologically active zones and provide information about the state of all interconnected bodies, organs and systems.

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The purpose of the device it to determine the:

  • Functional state of all organs and systems, which are associated with the biologically active points and zones (BAP and BAZ);
  • Causation (cause) and topography of diseases through the testing of nosodes (from the Greek nosos or disease, are biological preparations used in homeopathic medicine to prevent disease), organic preparations etc.;
  • Individual selection of preparations, biologically active additives, phyto-homoeopathic, homotoxicological preparatioons etc., testing of allergens, food, cosmetics etc. without their introduction into organism (remote action phenomenon);
  • Control over efficiency of means, used for treatment and prophylaxis of diseases;
  • Modern methods enabling you to see your aura and chakra;
  • Efficiency control and, if necessary administer the correct treatment process.


  • The essence of the automatic data processing capabilities of the Bris Scanner is the measurement of the electrical conductivity parameters in all biologically active points on hands, legs and head, which are protectively related to different zones, organs and systems in the organism.
  • Considering the qualitative characteristics of these parameters and their relations, it is possible to determine the nature of pathological processes, their causal and effect relations, their relation to organs and systems that form and maintain pathological process.
  • The system allows the assessment reaction of the organism on any type of the possible effect (either proposed for application or applied) in real, current time scale.

The basic principle of the operation of the rapid response test, is the changes of the electrical parameters of the biologically active points which store information about the state of the interconnected organs and systems.

The BRIS® Scanner Rapid Response Test is safe for the whole family.


  1. Shipping & handling are included
  2. Formal training at an additional cost is required and it depends on your knowledge of anatomy, physiology & pathology


  • Unique multi-frequency synchronization technology for the effective cleansing & control of pathogens and the recovery and prophylaxis of the organism.
  • Has a wide range of actions. More than 1000 programs and complexes are available for solving specific problems along with programs for general strengthening and recovery.
  • Up to 250 possible complexes can be programmed into the device at any one time for over 600 hours of healing frequency times.
  • A set of 237  main complexes for the most common health & wellness issues will be programmed into your device
  • An extra 13 complexes can be made specific for your needs
  • With 4 impact modes that can be used separately or combined with each other for greater efficiency.
  • Each of the modes is based on a fundamental research base.
  • Impact on the body on three levels at the same time.
  • The device includes scanning and resonance detection frequency technology that can adjust according to the body's absorption capacity for accuracy and impact depth.
  • Continuous operation without recharging up to 18 hours (General battery care is required).
  • Reliability and convenience.


The BIOMEDIS TRINITY® device uses 4 separate modes for different functions and benefits. The impact of the device is based on several methods:
  • Bioresonance and structure-resonance corrections (1-3 operational modes)
  • Transcranial stimulation (4th mode)

The purpose of programs on MODES 1 & 2:

  • Strengthening and correction of body system functions (musculoskeletal, nervous, integumentary, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urinary, immune, endocrine, reproductive);
  • Anti-aging skin & beauty  for prevention of premature age-related changes and issues
  • Infection prevention and correction
  • Detoxification of the body's organs (internal cleansing & removal of parasites & other toxic substances)

The purpose of programs on MODE 3:

In mode 3, the body's basal rhythms is impacted. Basal rhythms are the initial, basic, deep rhythms of the human body. Sleep and wakefulness along with body temperature, the secretion of hormones, peristalsis, metabolism and organ function are influenced by the circadian rhythms. In a state of health these basal rhythms are clearly defined and synchronized with each other. Due to the fractal relationship between the modulation frequencies of the Trinity® device, the restoration and the inter-synchronization of the basal rhythms is achieved at all functional and hierarchical body levels of the body, returning it to a state of health. Complexes for mode 3 are used as monocorrection for any deviations in the body's work and for the prevention of diseases. They are also used in combination with the complexes of the 1st or 2nd mode.

The purpose of programs on MODE 4:

The application of complexes in the 4th mode is effective for achieving the following effects:
  • Reduction of stress effects, quick relaxation, relieving fatigue
  • Memory improvement and intellectual functions
  • Enhancing learning and creativity
  • Sleep normalization
  • Activation of recovery processes
  • Reduction of the severity of chronic pain syndrome
  • Reduction of meteosensitivity, prevention of desynchronosis when changing time zones (jet lag)
  • Improvement of physical performance
  • Concentration and mobilization of the will and the body's resources
  • Improvement of mood and well-being
  • Change of attitude to traumatic situations
  • Anxiety reduction & Theta states
  • Fear management & grounding
  • Activation of hidden reserves and capabilities of the body
  • Change of consciousness


BIOMEDIS is an international scientific - industrial, direct sales company that is based in Moscow, Russia.
  • It has a wide range of high technology products in the field of  health maintenance, recovery and wellness.
  • The company was founded in 2008 on the basis of the research institute of integrated energy-information biotechnologies.
  • More than 10 years of research and development to create effective and safe recovery technologies.
  • Annual improvement of the methods of application of the devices and updating of a range of devices.
  • It has over 15.000 partners in 18 countries and 50.000 product users worldwide.
  • Manufacturing takes place in Russia & China which is the key to operational logistics around the world.


Quality and safety of the products are confirmed by the certificates of the European Union, the USA, Russia and CIS countries.


The company guarantees the compliance of technical conditions with proper use, transportation and storage.
  1. The officially established service life of the product is 5 years.
  2. The service life can be extended if you take good care of your device.
  3. The warranty period from the Company (Biomedis) is 12 months from the date of the sale. You can find the date in your personal account or on the last page of the menu, which is included in the box.
  4. The company is not responsible in case of:
  5. Defects on the product which happened during transportation, storage and use.
  6. Damages from natural sources like fire, water, sweat, etc.
  7. Damages from falls and uncared use.
  8. Devices that were bought from a third party.
  9. Devices that have a damaged factory seal.



The device is contraindicated in the presence of some pacemakers. If you are using an implantable pacemaker please make sure you tell us which model so we can review if the device can be recommended for your use.


Pregnant women should not use the device in the 1st & 2nd trimester. Some programs can be used for 3rd trimester. Please contact us before using this device on pregnant women.  


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