This healing session is meant for people who have not consented to it. Permission for the work is requested from their «High Self».  

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A No-Research Clearing is a full clearing BUT without any discovery about the negative programs, blocks and interferences that were cleared. It is meant for people who are not aware that a clearing will take place (they have not consented to it) and permission for the work is requested from their «High Self».  

This clearing is considered an act of love and it’s almost always allowed by «High Self» (except in pregnancies maybe). The healing work then allows the person cleared to work on their own with SPIRIT, for their own benefit and always for their higher good. We cannot direct the process to certain results or deadlines and we are just loving supporters in their journey. For more information about this please refer to our pages «What is Dowsing» and «What is not Dowsing»

No-Research Clearings are ideal for:

  • Babies, children and young adults (up to 15 years old) 
  • Any sick person whom you know needs some help
  • A relative or friend whom you’re worried about
  • Anyone who is going through a tough time
  • A person you admire, but never met (e.g. your prime minister)
  • Someone you heard about and think they can use the help

Or Someone who has crossed over to the other side. For those clearings please refer to our «Clearing the Departed» session, since lesser charges apply.

Please visit our page «Available Sessions» for a complete list of the sessions we offer.




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