Why people don’t heal: Part 1


As a teacher of alternative therapies, I often come across questions about alternative therapies in general, but much more, why some people see little or no improvement in some areas. So, I decided to write a series of articles on the subject and call them “Why People Don’t Heal”, borrowing in part Caroline Myss’ particularly beautiful book, with the same title. The healing power of GrecoDow® and other therapies in general can bring about much-needed results when we are not facing the following:

False expectations. The 1st reason why people don’t heal

A key factor in healing is the awareness of “what” therapies can accomplish, in general. Let’s assume for a minute, that a person gets up every morning and goes to the well to bring water, because that’s his job. Now if that person has a “broken” leg, that task gets very difficult day-in and day-out. With a broken leg, a full or a sufficiently filled bucket of water might be difficult to accomplish, especially if we take into consideration the natural elements. After all, some days it rains and some days are very hot and these things add to the general effort this person has to make.

The therapeutic energies of the GrecoDow® System can help a person heal their “broken leg” so to speak, so they can do their job more comfortably, once again. This healing doesn’t mean that the elements will cease to exist and that perfect weather could be expected forevermore. Nor does it mean that the well will reposition itself near the person’s house, so they won’t have to travel far to get to the water. Furthermore, it won’t forfeit his need to keep doing his job. Therefore, the healing won’t manifest some miracle that makes water available to us without working somehow.

It is important that we understand the nature of therapies in general and not engage in false expectations as to what these healings are all about. After all, problems never stop, we just become stronger and better at handling them. We can’t expect to build a house “without problems”, or have a “life without problems” just because we had a spiritual clearing.

Impatience. The 2nd reason why people don’t heal

Over the years and as I was working with people, I asked them to comment on their healing cycle and tell me where they felt they were at the time. In other words, to evaluate their healing progress.

They answered many times, «I am better, but I am not well yet». Thus, it became quite clear to me that healing, on any level, should have a way of being measured in a simple and easy-to-understand way, so that everyone can evaluate and respect their progress.

Out of that awareness, I developed and added to my healing sessions a «The Aspects of Life» worksheet, on which the negative energy percentages are noted, in all major areas of each person’s life. The rates and aspects varied from person to person. By doing this, we could understand and compare, where each person was, at any given time.

There were times when they told me, “I didn’t see that much difference.” As I counted and compared to the original the percentage of current negative energy in their aspects, I discovered that in two months’ time, there was an overall positive difference of 20%. If we asked a businessman how he would feel about a 20% improvement in his income in two months, he would probably be very happy. But people, even though they know it took years to establish their negative programs and the consequences of their beliefs and actions, are impatient for immediate change.

One of the most beautiful elements of the GrecoDow® healing is its elegance. The changes are made smoothly and effortlessly, although I have seen instant improvements that express a smaller percentage. This means that as the changes take place, we have time to perceive them and understand the process of how we got there and of course, to make the appropriate changes in our mentality.

Laziness. The 3rd reason why people don’t heal

Along with the clearing session that I often describe as “a complete renovation of the old and inherited house we call soul”, it proved immensely essential to point out to the clients what future direction they must follow, so they can improve their life. Very often, I suggest books or other actions which are considered appropriate by High Self, after their clearing.

These directions are important because not only do they allow for the healing to have the desired results but also, to gain conscious awareness of our previous beliefs and habits, so we may shift to more appropriate ones that will preserve this “soul renovation”.

Ι often discover with regret that the people who see fewer improvements than what wished for are those who did not follow the High Self’s instructions on what to do to improve their lives. We can’t have different results by doing the same things. If a ship started from Piraeus for Chania and changed its course by 1-2 degrees, it would not reach Chania, but end somewhere else.

Most of the time, minor changes like reading a book, though it might seem insignificant, can bring about great changes in the course of our healing process. Αctually, books can be quite decisive at times. Let us take initiative and do the necessary first steps for our self-improvement, instead of waiting ONLY from the universe to “conspire” on our behalf.

To be continued…

Xenia Ioannidou
Teacher & Consultant of Alternative Therapies
Founder of GrecoDow® Educational Systems