Why people don’t heal: No 2


In my previous article titled “Why people are not cured and how they can” – Part One & Two, I mentioned 5 of the reasons why people don’t heal. If you have not read these articles, please refer to our previous articles to read these reasons.

«Irresponsibility». The 4th reason why people don’t heal.

I once wanted to achieve a business goal and nothing could stop me from pursuing that goal with unending passion. Nevertheless, the outcome was utterly heartbreaking. As a real believer of the theory that «if you want to do something well, you should ask someone who succeeded in this area». And, I did just that.

Desperate, I asked the obvious to a very successful businessman «Why not me?» This adorable, sweet man looked at me, stood awkwardly, blushed a bit and replied: «You don’t know enough.»

I confess that I did not understand what he meant. I read everything about the business idea I was pursuing and as I really wanted to improve myself, I attended self-improvement and leadership seminars for many years. Nevertheless, the result was tragic, not only in terms of this specific goal, but also in general.

The years went by and although it broke my heart, I gave up on that dream. At some point, years later, I came across the SRT method. With its help and my consistent pursuit for self-improvement, I really started to achieve many of my goals, easily based on the new approach and ideology that this dynamic offered me. Actually, by removing my blocks, all the education and training I had over the years now could blossom.

As I started to take on more and more responsibility for my own reality, and while watching the interactions that this new dynamic had with people and situations around me, I started to understand the obvious, what the phrase «You don’t know enough» means.

Most of the time, we see life through eyes that receive the energy of others, meaning, all their thoughts and actions, without counting our own energy contribution in the whole situation. In other words, «they ruin our lives» and we are not responsible for any of it. But that is not the case. Everything is an interaction.

Opportunities exist everywhere and always, according to our abilities. Whether we perceive and calculate situations correctly and act according to the requirements of the moment, is another matter. However, I was so committed to how «the whole system was unfair» and to «why things should be this way and not otherwise, meaning, more favorable to me» that I did not leave room to see objectively, how I affect the whole situation.

Many times, I decided to give up on something as soon as I saw the first «dark clouds» on the horizon. But the question may have been, to stay and fight. As I began to accept my share of responsibility, I began to operate differently. And this is the key. We are the totality of our thoughts, decisions and actions. If we do not like our reality, then we accept the responsibility to “learn” to do something different.

«Beliefs». The 5th reason why people don’t heal

When I was learning to drive, my teacher told me: «Don’t look at the tree, because that’s where you’ll end up. Look at the road ahead».

Our beliefs, conscious or not, are the signs in our path. Wherever they direct us, we go. If we believe that «there are not enough men» or that «all women are bad», then we will always find this in front of us. The universe reflects the signal we send, always wanting to justify us.

I once imagined the worst possible outcome in any situation, on the grounds that I was being realistic. To my great surprise, things always turned out much worse than my most miserable fantasies. One tear-jerking scenario followed another, so much so, that my friends would say to me, «Does everything happen to you?»

This reason is perhaps the most difficult to understand and change because you rely on thousands of moments and habits that have established their influence on us. The belief that pain is the only «worthwhile» way to learn, is perhaps the most tragic of all beliefs of western civilization. More on this topic in future articles.

To be continued…

Xenia Ioannidou
Teacher & Consultant of Alternative Therapies
Founder of GrecoDow® Educational Systems