Why people don’t heal: No 3


In my previous articles titled “Why people don’t heal and how they can” – Part One & Two, I mentioned 5 of the reasons why people don’t heal. If you havn’t read thοse reasons, please refer to our previous articles.

«The ego». The 6th reason why people don’t heal

I will not claim that I can cover such a big topic in a small article, even more so in a small part of this article. But I can say the following. Where the ego rules, there is no light. One of the biggest problems in our connection with our divine wisdom and guidance, whether we are healers or not, is this very small, but «big» word.

We recognize the ego from its cacophony in our soul. It judges us, it humiliates us, it makes us doubt ourselves and others. Most of all though, it holds us back. It lives in our past and in our future. That means that we are in ego, every time we focus on all the things we could do otherwise or better. Also, every time we worry about all the things that can go wrong in the future, according to our perception of course. And most importantly, every time we try to control the outcome by manipulating others and ignore their free will.

The only way to avoid this vicious circle is to remain in the here and now, the only place where the ego is silent. By living through the serenity of the moment and allowing others to follow their own path, we free ourselves and others and thus experience love.

«Answer to a prayer, desire or wish». The 7th reason why people don’t heal

Robert Detzler, the SRT founder, initially believed that after being cleared from all their negative energy, people would one day reach nirvana. To his great surprise, he discovered that «The more they healed, the more they wanted».

The soul constantly aspires to its further evolution. When it reaches a goal, it raises the bar. This ambitious request is usually done through prayer, meditation, wishful thinking, imaging of the future, etc. The answer to this request could manifest as an illness or a challenge on a mental, emotional, spiritual or physical level. The greater the request is, the greater the challenge that will have to be overcome and of course, the greater the evolution.

I often discover that highly developed spiritual people have challenges that correspond to their level. The disease or challenge becomes a fast-paced seminar for their development. That means that the challenge becomes the scenario we choose to play, for the benefits it will offer us, but as we live and star in this role, we discover that it might not be our easiest or most pleasant endeavor.

«Manipulation». The 8th reason why people don’t heal

Many times, some illness or challenge gives us the opportunity to have other benefits, negative but unique. We all remember, during our childhood, a time when we claimed we were sick, in order to stay home. The fact that we would have a care-free day at home, was a greater benefit than the lost lesson. As adults, we pretend to be sick in order to avoid something at work.

So, in this way, many people choose an illness or challenge just because of the negative benefits it might offer them. Some of the benefits could be having the attention of others, some financial assistance they would not have access to otherwise or the opportunity to be different from others who live a normal life full of obligations, etc. We take advantage of the illness or challenge, to force others to offer us things we wouldn’t do otherwise.

It takes a serious dose of courage to make a strict self-assessment in order to become aware of our actions and to admit the reasons we chose these manipulations. Choosing not to be victims, we must live our lives according to the current social standards and be judged on the basis of our success in meeting these standards or not.

Victims think they will avoid this assessment process because of their illness or challenge. This might be the case sometimes, but not always or with everyone. People evaluate us according to how much we can stand up to the circumstances during a storm. Most of the time, others have a full understanding of our abilities, something that the victim inside us ignores or pretends not to know. Unfortunately, when we don’t act according to our abilities, others look down upon us.

Manipulation is the inner victim’s method that «falsely presents» our lives a bit differently than it really is, usually worse, in order to extort things that others must offer. This «give and take game» that the victim engages in is very detrimental, since it always focuses on the goodwill of others. A game that requires a lot of time and effort. If we would spend that time and effort towards our goals, we would probably have greater benefits than what is offered by the pity of others.  Besides, people are much more generous when they are inspired by the nobility of our story rather than our misery.

To be continued…

Xenia Ioannidou
Teacher & Consultant of Alternative Therapies
Founder of GrecoDow® Educational Systems