GD100: Dowsing Intro



In this 3day/8hour per day seminar you will be able to learn the basic pendulum use:

  1. Use a pendulum
  2. Connect with your High Self
  3. Connect with your client’s High Self
  4. Ask for yes/no questions
  5. Ask simple questions
  6. Dowse for numbers small or infinite
  7. Identify & Clear High Self blocks
  8. What dowsing is or is not
  9. Clear negative energy

Class Material: 

  • 37 Beginner charts
  • Relevant Manual

Please Note:

This seminar is intended for PERSONAL USE ONLY for those who want to start using a pendulum and ask simple questions for themselves ONLY. It’s an introductory seminar into dowsing. To develop your full range of dowsing skills you will need to practice and take more seminars. For the complete list of GrecoDow® & GrecoMastery® seminars please refer to our page «Training Levels»

Previous Requirements: 

No previous pendulum training is required. However, people with many issues will need to start with a full clearing by a professional before they can successfully dowse for themselves.

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