GD100: Introduction to Dowsing



In this 3day/8hour per day seminar (24+ hours in total), you will be able to learn the BASICS OF PENDULUM DOWSING like how to:

  1. Use a pendulum
  2. Connect with your High Self
  3. Connect with your client’s High Self
  4. Ask for yes/no questions
  5. Ask simple questions
  6. Dowse for numbers small or infinite
  7. Identify & clear blocks to connecting
  8. Learn what dowsing is and what is not
  9. Clear negative energy
  10. Perform a wide range of small sessions for 600+ questions (that are given to you)


  • 37 Beginner charts
  • Relevant Manual


This seminar is an introductory seminar into dowsing and is intended for PERSONAL USE and ONLY for those who want to start using a pendulum and to ask simple questions for themselves and a few close friends. This will not give you the tools to be a paid healer, only help you start on your journey. To develop your full range of dowsing skills and get paid for the sessions you provide, you will need to practice your newly acquired knowledge on your own time and take more seminars and practice further. For the complete list of GrecoDow® & GrecoMastery® seminars please refer to our page «Training Levels»


No previous pendulum training is required. However, even if you know other dowsing systems this tutorial is very thorough in nature and will help you solve most problems that beginner dowsers have. However, you will need to start with a clearing of your own (and especially for people with multi-issues) before you can successfully dowse yourself. Not all people are meant to become dowsers.


  1. Our seminars are workshops and as such require your participation in class discussions and exercises. This applies to on-line teaching as well.
  2. As part of the participation requirements, you might be asked to keep your audio/camera open so the teacher can observe your dowsing skills/process and give you relevant feedback.
  3. Upon successful attendance and completion of all requested seminar material, you will receive a certificate of attendance and/or completion as the seminar warrants.
  4. Please note that we reserve the right not to give you a certificate if we feel your participation was not adequate or assignments were missing.


To REGISTER for this seminar, please add it to your cart and proceed with your payment.

  • For online seminars, you will be sent all relevant information and attendance links in later emails.
  • For in-person seminars venue information will be provided on the event itself and assistance for hotels in the area can be requested (we will help as much as possible).


  1. The duration and times of the seminars are indicated in each seminar. The 3-day seminars are usually taught Friday-Saturday-Sunday, from 10am-6pm, unless otherwise stated.
  2. Other seminars might have other hours/times and will be indicated in each seminar.
  3. The «GD:105 Physical Body Healing» seminar requires that you attend IN-PERSON only.
  4. Before enrolling in any seminar, it is highly advisable to have gone through your «Initial Clearing» AT LEAST a few months before and always in consultation with the teacher. This ensures that you will be able to attend and complete the seminar successfully.
  5. For personal and private seminars based on a more flexible program for you which you have PRE-Agreed with the teacher, there is an additional cost.
  6. The seminars are not sessions, and your very own personal problems most likely won’t be discussed or solved.


  1. DOWN PAYMENTS (if applicable) are NON-REFUNDABLE if you don’t attend the seminar or cancel after the registration deadline.
  2. There are NO REFUNDS OF ANY MONEY if we have SENT you the seminar material.
  3. If for some reason you are unable to attend the seminar or we reschedule the seminar dates and you are unable to attend AND and we have sent you the seminar materials, your funds are NOT refundable BUT are held in escrow for you for a future seminar, within the next 12 months (we always schedule a few each year).
  4. If the course is CANCELED by us and you have NOT received the course materials, then you will get a FULL REFUND unless you choose to attend another seminar or session in the future.


  • Please note that we reserve the right NOT TO ALLOW YOU TO ATTEND our workshop/s if your behavior towards the teacher, organizers, assistants, translators or fellow students is not cordial and polite or your presence is unduly disruptive and/or distractive or we feel we are not a good fit energetically. We are also not obligated to give you a reason for that decision. Should we decide not to allow you to attend, we will refund your money. This decision can be temporary or permanent in nature.


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