GD101: Healing Foundations



This is the first module of the GrecoDow® Educational System. In this 6-day/8hours per day seminar, you will be able to learn the healing & dowsing principles and necessary foundations to become an amateur dowser based on the «Training Levels» of our system. You will learn in-depth how to:

  1. Use a pendulum
  2. Connect with your High Self
  3. Identify & Clear High Self blocks
  4. Ask yes/no questions
  5. Discover numbers small or infinite
  6. Understand limited/unlimited questions
  7. Use different styles of charts 
  8. How to ask questions
  9. Use the laws of divinity
  10. What is dowsing and what is not
  11. When to dowse & when not
  12. History & science of dowsing
  13. Identify blocks & interferences
  14. Clear negative energy
  15. Identify & clear negative programs
  16. Apply different types of healing
  17. Do sessions for family, friends & clients

Upon completion, you will be able to do the following sessions: 

  1. Research into past/other lives
  2. Research into this life
  3. Clear inner child
  4. Major aspects of life
  5. Lessons of life ratios
  6. Create a Healing Plan
  7. Clearing for the Departed
  8. Small clearings for children, animals & places

Seminar Material: 

  • 50+ Beginner charts
  • A user manual

Previous Requirements: 

No previous pendulum training is required. However, people with many issues will need to start with a full clearing by one of our professionals and allow time for the healing to make the necessary changes before they can enroll in this seminar and be able to use their knowledge.

Please Note:

This seminar is intended for those who want to start using a pendulum for themselves and others and perform specific sessions and clearings. It’s an introductory seminar into dowsing and healing and is intended for people who are really interested in healing for themselves and others. However, this is the beginning journey for any dowser. Constant practice and training will be required for those who are intending to work with the public as professionals. The seminars are taught in good faith but no one can guarantee you results. For more information about healing please refer to our page «On Becoming a Healer» under the title «Seminars».

Training Levels

Once completed, you will get the title of «Amateur Dowser» based on the GrecoDow® Educational System. For a complete list of our seminars and training levels, please refer to our page «Training Levels» under the page «Seminars».

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