The good luck archetype

Creativity & Good Luck

The never-ending struggle of man seems to be, to find opportunities, getting lucky and having abundance. Fabulous sums of money are spent daily to many «experts» by people of all nationalities and economic backgrounds just to gain the favor of the «abundance goddess». Everyone wants things not only get better and stay that way, but also to have a guaranteed flow of riches without ever having to do anything else, other than opening their wallet and reaching in for those warm bank notes. The power of this creative «good luck» force is the most «marketable» commodity on the planet, hence the covetous behavior that ferociously follows it.

How we create our universe

Each thought we think, word we speak and deed we do, creates an energy field around us that influences everything and everyone, which in turn is influenced by the energy fields of others. This interaction, is the birthplace of all situations that we experience. We attract everything aligned to our feelings and I hope it’s not lack or fear. If fear or lack is our predominant focus, then it will show in our results. Fear creates all negative results. Τhrough the GrecoDow® System, we can clear the negative energies and the programming that were previously set and experienced. With this as a basis, what we do from then on is key. As we set ourselves free from the past, will we use our newly founded «freedom» for our highest good or do things as before? If we want to change our situation, we have to think, say and do things differently from what we have been doing up to now.

Our thinking regarding our ability to draw in, act upon and bring about a creative flow and «good luck» in our lives is decisively influenced by the archetype that dominates in this area of our archetype map or wheel, always in combination with all the other archetypes of our map. More about this in our session «Archetype Wheel». The power of this archetype and our continuous efforts and actions can dramatically change our fluid and easily influenced nature. Also, the time required for improving things is always in alignment with the «other projects» and priorities we have taken upon.

My «good fortune» changed gradually, but steadily. This helped me to assimilate the results of my new life in a way that could only calm down my fears and give me the necessary momentum. However, I noticed that my creative power and subsequent results, rose sharply after I stopped being a victim. Logical you might say, but think about it. Even if the largest sums of money happen to fall on your lap, if you feel like a victim and therefore act as such, you will not have the confidence or gracefulness to bring about or keep positive results.

What now?

Working on my own needs and in the strategic order of priorities set by my archetypal map, I managed, step by step to reach a place of comfort. This was my journey. Each of us creates our own. We may think that becoming abundant is an urgent priority in our lives, but something else may need to occur that’s more necessary and pressing in our focus. Sometimes, the removal of blocks that exist within us, or the gaining of further knowledge on financial management, could be the most necessary and important step in our process. Everything has its place and time in our life, if we made provisions for it, through our very own preparation and our actions.

For this reason, I suggest that we tread with care in regard to our New Year’s resolutions of abundance and good fortune. Instead, let’s focus on our essence and the here and now of our lives. After all level-headedness, discernment and accountability for what we create, in cooperation with our thoughts and actions can never be subtracted from the analogy of life.

Books that Help

To help us to understand how our own thinking influences our life, I propose the following books: «Thought vibration or the law of attraction in the thought world» by William W. Atkinson, «Don’t believe it for a minute» by Arnold A. & Clifford N. Lazarus, and «The dragon don’t live here anymore» by Alan Cohen. Each book, in its own way, can unravel our way of thinking. The order given is very important and should not be changed. If you have read any of them before, re-read them. You are not the same person who read it the first time. Oh and by the way…. Good luck!!!

Xenia Ioannidou
Teacher & Consultant of Alternative Therapies
Founder of GrecoDow® Educational Systems