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In this session you will discover what is your most appropriate course of action at any given time to experience life without fear.«Our rates»

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In a GrecoDow® session where we connect and receive guidance from «High Self», you will find out what the most appropriate course of action is at any time. This very thing allows us to experience life without fear. We don’t have to fumble in the dark in constant worry about our choices. This allows us to experience life very calmly and confidently. 

Use this guidance to get help with life’s most important changes such as:

  • Buying a home or moving to a new area
  • Career choices or business ventures
  • Educational plans or choices
  • What logo suits your business best
  • What supplier is more appropriate
  • What to name your child, dog or book
  • What the characters in your short story should do
  • What colors or themes your paintings should be about
  • What breed of dog you should buy and…
  • A thousand other things that life brings


  1. It is necessary to have an «Initial Clearing» before this session.
  2. The indicated session costs are based on an estimated average time we think it might take to complete a session. The actual cost varies according to the time you need and the extent of your questions.

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