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*The indicated session costs are based on an estimated average time we think it might take to complete a session. The actual cost varies according to the time you need and the extent of your questions.

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If you had a GrecoDow® «Initial Clearing» in the past, but it’s been some time since then and you want a quick session to:

  • Check for negative energy about you or with others
  • There are people in your family or other circles that need help
  • You are planning a trip and want to ask questions or clear the negative energy before you go
  • You are making choices regarding decorating
  • Get guidance on office equipment you want to buy
  • Figure out the best car purchase options
  • Decide on which seminars or schools to attend
  • Visit people and places and so much more.

There are thousands of questions and issues that a quick connection with «High Self» can help you with. If this is the case, then this session is for you!

Please Note:

The minimum charge of 20€. Any minutes you haven’t used will be credited to your account


1 review for By the Minute Session

  1. Christos K.

    Anytime I need a quick pick me up… it’s great to be able to just connect and solve problems

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